Imagine a colorful & fun, crowded family. Each of the young ladies of this family, in particular, are creative and charming. What's their name? Dori, Casper, Sheepy, Piglou are some of them. Each represents a very special color. Tones crafted with special and safe formulas for you. Glitter, mother of pearl. Except one color. That's LOLITA red. You choose one of them and you start to add fun to your nails. Whether you want to 10 or 20 :) When you are uncertain about color, you can paint each one in different colors. When you want to go for a change, all you have to do is take some soap and wash your hands under warm water. You will easily see that the nail polish is purified. It never leaves stains on clothes and is easily cleaned when washed.

Now let's see what's in a little :)

It does not contain phthalate, fomaldehyde, toluene, paraben and perfume. Chemical substance NO Water-based. It is cleaned with warm water and soap without the need for ASETON.
How do I apply it?
You should shake the wax first, then shake your hands so that it dries quickly. You must be 3 years or older to use this product. Have some fun ideas come from us.
Themed birthday parties // The most fun of friends visits // ideal for sharing moments and being a team // Paint cartoons on recycled cardboard packages.
Nailmatic products are made in France.

Each bottle is 8 ml