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HALO SwaddleSure Adjustable Swaddling replaces blankets and quilts and prevents your baby's face from closing and breathless. In addition, the first 6 months of infants, 'moro reflex' which causes the movement of arms involuntarily by preventing the babies to sleep longer and more peaceful.
The special patented design makes it difficult to remove the arms from the back.
With its wide wings and velcro straps, it allows you to swaddle your baby in the most suitable tightness.
Only by opening the bottom velcro, you can change your baby's diaper without disturbing the self.
All HALO Sleep products are OEKO - Tex certified. It does not contain any harmful substances.
100% Cotton
Maintenance Instruction

We recommend washing the product in similar colors at 30 ° C.
Do not forget to turn the Velcro straps off the inside of the product before each wash.
not ironed.
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