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Jack n ’This dual set of Jill natural blackcurrant flavored toothpaste (50 g) and Hippo toothbrush will be indispensable for the mouth and tooth health of the little ones. The body of the Jack N'Jill natural toothbrushes is made entirely of corn cobs. Fully soluble in nature with respect to human and environment. The rounded cotton-soft bristles are very safe for delicate gums and fragile baby tooth enamel. The brush handle design is specially designed and ergonomically designed to fit the hands of the little ones. Jack n ’Jill toothpaste, which can be used safely by the little ones, protects children's oral and dental health with its natural strawberry aroma that does not contain any chemical harmful substances. Fluoride-free, sugar-free, coloring agent, SLS, chemical-free; unique formula of organic "calendula" herb that relaxes the gums. USA USDA CERTIFIED organic and unique natural ingredient that is safe to swallow Safe, BPA-free, easy to open lid, recyclable packaging is friendly to nature and families. Since 1993, the Enviromental Working Group (EWG), the US-based Environmental Working Group (EWG), has been working on the removal of toxic products from human life.

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