FLEXIBLE, COMFORT FABRICS, BABY TOUCH COTTON touch .. Z-Suit fabrics are made of fine, silky breathable fabrics. Cotton content with high moisture retention prevents perspiration, moisture and dries quickly. At the same time the body is wrapped, motion-compliant, comfortable and flexible. OPEN-CLOSE FEET The most practical feature of the Z-Suit is the opening and closing of the foot cuffs, so that the tiny feet can easily be closed, warmed or tightened when cold. DUAL-WAY FERMUAR for practical use, easy-to-change diaper changing and dressing, even for children You can use your Z-Suits comfortably in all seasons. The cuffs used in the hands and feet of Z-Suits prevent heat loss. Because the wide cuff is used in the feet, it allows longer use even if your child grows up. Z-Suit's patented design and patterns are colorful, fun and unique to the world of children. Material: 95% Cotton 5% Elastane WASHING INSTRUCTIONS Wash before use. Wash your machine with a delicate wash program and colored clothing. Do not use bleach. Do not dry clean. Hang up your product. Do not dry in the drying machine and do not use iron.